Beauty therapist Fiona’s ready to face April 12

April 12 is a day that can’t come soon enough for many people – and no one’s looking forward to it more than beauty therapist Fiona Holder.

That’s the day when lockdown restrictions are set to be eased and non-essential retail, hairdressers, and beauty parlours will throw open their doors to an eager public.

After the long weeks of a winter lockdown, it’s a day firmly ringed on many calendars and Fiona – the businesswoman behind iamfee – can’t wait to get started again. Her beauty salon in Wilmslow is ready and waiting to pamper its first clients of the year.

Fiona said: “I’ve already got bookings in. People have spent so much time at home, I think they will be looking to get out to have a relaxing experience. Now, they’re living at home, working at home, socialising at home, there’s no escape.

“To go to a lovely, private, hideaway treatment place where they can relax is going to be so good for people. It’ll be good for them to get out, for their mental health and for an amazing treatment and recuperation.”

Fiona has more than 20 years’ experience in the beauty business. She’s worked in salons, on cruise ships, for international product brands, as a mobile practitioner and now at the My Happy Place therapy room she has created at her home.

Essential care

As well as helping clients look their best with facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and other treatments, Fiona said therapists had another important role to play as we come out of lockdown.

She said: “Looking after yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential for a healthy body and mind.

“Having a treatment is good for your mental health. It slows you down when you’re on the treadmill of work and running a home. There’s nothing for you to do here but relax.

“And we’re also good at listening to whatever it is people want to talk about. As women we are really good at talking to each other. I know we’ve had phone calls and Facetime, but there’s nothing like that human connection, female supporting female.”


Fiona has tips for us all emerging blinking into the spring sunshine after the restrictions of the last 12 months.

She said: “Beauty comes from looking after the inside and the outside, it’s all one special parcel.

“Whatever you’re putting inside is having an effect on the outside. It’s really important to look at what you eat and drink.

“Lemon water is what I recommend for anyone with a skin condition because it helps the body detox. It cleanses the liver and kidney.

Blue light ages the skin

“Also, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is so important, we should be wearing it daily, all year round. SPF blocks UV and free radical damage attacking the skin. It’s not just the sun’s rays but the blue light from technology, such as TVs and computers. It all radically ages the skin.”

Fiona’s interest in skincare stems from her own issues with acne as a teenager. As a result she has real empathy with those suffering from skin complaints. Perhaps unsurprisingly during lockdown, there’s been a reported surge in conditions like rosacea as people harbour the stress of having their daily lives turned upside down and battle with problems thrown up by the pandemic.

To help clients with this and other issues like skin ageing, iamfee is now working with the award-winning Medik8. These tailor made facials and skin peels can be designed especially for the individual. They help to rejuvenate the skin, treat stubborn blemishes or pigmentation and promote renewal of the skin’s cellular layers.

While beauty therapists are set to open again from the 12th, Covid-19 safety is still a major concern. Fiona will be wearing PPE, stagger appointments to clean down between clients, take their temperature and has a ready supply of hand sanitiser.

Fiona has also adapted her business to offer video consultations. These are supported by a home-care product range that can be purchased online and delivered to home.

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