Christmas after divorce in 2021

This time last year we were writing about how to make the most of the planned relaxation of Covid rules for a five-day festive break. That plan soon went up the wall.

Instead, days later we were heading back into a full-blown lockdown.

12 months on? Well, we’re not quite in the same place but it certainly feels close. The race is on to get booster jabs into arms. Events are being postponed and many people are once again feeling very uncertain about how much socialising they should be doing.

(The Merrick Christmas ‘do’ was cancelled for the second year running. Those Secret Santa presents are beginning to pile up.)

Covid is once again doing its best to throw a shadow over our Christmas and New Year. For those who will be experiencing a different festive season this year after divorce or separation, it’s another factor to take into consideration.

Christmas after divorce

But all is far from lost and there is still plenty we can do to ensure we have the best festive period possible.

If you are making new arrangements this year, then one of the top tips we’ve heard is to put some advance effort into planning. That way, while things may be different, there is still something to excite and look forward to on the 25th and across the holiday season.

Here’s some more advice we’ve picked up over the years.

There may be a temptation to lock yourself away as you imagine the rest of the world having THE most Christmas amazing. But why should you?

Many people have unreasonably high expectations for Christmas and New Year, such is the hype we see all around us. There’s no harm in trying to get into the Christmas spirit but bear in mind, it’s not everything. Fantastic, good, average or rubbish – it’s a few days away from the norm. Whether we are looking forward or not, January will soon be with us!

New circumstances may mean you won’t be seeing children or other family members. Instead how about making the days special and memorable in some other way? Indulge yourself with a special present, or set aside free time to do something you’ve always promised yourself.

Planning for 2022

Travel may still be difficult – and short, cold days are not the most enticing – but that shouldn’t stop planning for 2022. Create a focus that is about you and experiences you want to enjoy.

The great outdoors has amazing powers. Getting up, out and mobile is a fantastic way to lift spirits. If a fellside trek, or mud splattered run isn’t your thing, then how about a more gentle stroll, taking a little time to appreciate the natural world around you.

Many people throw themselves into helping others at this time of year. There are many charities that are only too glad of extra help. Helping others is a proven way to put our own problems and worries into perspective.

If that sounds a bit advanced, then how about helping a neighbour? Or make a plan with other friends and acquaintances in a similar position. Perk up the days a little by sharing them with others who understand what you’re going through.

There’s lots more advice and helpful tips available on coping with Christmas after divorce.

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