Family-friendly, home-based Easter activities!

This Easter we’ve been on the hunt (get it?) for projects that will entertain the whole family while they’re at home. We think it’s a great time to bring back some traditional Easter activities and crafts and have scoured the internet to give you some family-friendly inspiration.

Egg painting

A creative traditional Easter activity for all ages. Young ones might find egg dying the easiest and least messy, or you can use nail varnish or paint to get creative on your egg shells. For older kids and adults, try your hand at more intricate designs, while young ones can try something more simple, like turning your eggs into the Easter rabbit carrots!

Remember to blow out the egg contents by creating small holes in either end so that your creations can be kept for longer. If you are struggling to find eggs in the supermarket, try your local farm shop or check out nearby pubs and restaurants as many have set up schemes to connect you with their suppliers. Alternatively, you can buy egg ornaments to decorate, you will find these and other art supplies on Amazon as well as The Works and Hobbycraft – although it may be wise to work with what you have at home if you want to get crafting before the weekend and keep social contact to a minimum.

Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you have outdoor space to use or just your living room, it’s easy to create an egg hunt that will keep the family entertained and create a bit of Easter-themed fun. You can cater your hunt to the indoors by adding additional steps, like clues to the next hiding place or tasks that must be completed before the next egg is found, to help make the game last a little longer. There’s no need for you to miss out on all the fun, why not encourage your kids to set a search up for the adults, giving them an extra task to complete and meaning everyone can get involved.

Easter Baking

Entertain the family by making some tasty Easter snacks! Expert bakers can try their hand at hot cross buns, you can even spice them up by trying new flavour combinations, how about chocolate orange? You could also bake a traditional Simnel cake, national treasure Mary Berry has a brilliant recipe. Thankfully it calls for self-raising flour, which is much easier to get hold of these days than the bread flour required for hot cross buns! If you want something super simple that will be fun for the smallest members of the household, Easter nests (basically themed chocolate crispy cakes) can be made with just two ingredients and the decorating process is great fun. The benefit of the nests is you can make them with lots of different types of cereal, so it will be much easier to get the ingredients together.

Easter Cards

If you have friends, family members or neighbours who are struggling with isolation at the moment, this craft idea gives you the opportunity to get creative with your kids whilst also extending friendly thoughts to those who need it. YouTube has great videos with design ideas, as do websites like Netmums. However, many of the ideas you will find online require craft materials like card and glue, if you can’t get hold of these pencil and paper will do just fine. Let your children unleash their creativity in the knowledge that the recipient will be grateful no matter what it looks like. If you do decide to be more inventive, Hobbycraft has lots of resources available on its website.

Easter activities

They would be making them if they were in school so why not keep the tradition going? We all know how competitive the bonnets can get, so making them at home should take the pressure off and let everyone truly unleash their inner artist. Again, make the most of what you have available, you can do some papier mâché with newspaper, cut shapes in old cardboard boxes and recycle clothing to decorate! Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

Remember to stay home and stay safe this weekend, but whatever Easter activities you get up to we hope they bring some joy to you and your family.

Happy Easter from all of us here at Merrick!