Claire Field discusses how important it is to think before you speak particularly when there are children involved.


My name is Claire Field and I am a Social Care Consultant and also the author of the Parenting Apart Programme. I support children and families going through conflict, divorce and separation and deliver my programme nationally. The Parenting Apart Programme is identified as another form of Dispute Resolution to be offered alongside Mediation prior to proceedings, during proceedings and after very traumatic contested hearings. As an intervention it has been proven to be effective as an alternative to the mediation process and also successful when running concurrently with and after mediation. The two main ingredients of the programme are consistency and continuity.
This 4 week programme has been specifically designed to support parents, and the emotional wellbeing of children, through conflict, divorce and separation. It offers unique and individual advice and support which enables the outcome to be positive and beneficial to the whole family whilst prioritising the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children.
At the beginning of the Parenting Apart Programme, parents are supported and guided to form their new ‘Parent Working Relationship’. This allows parents to compile their own individual ‘Parent Working Agreement’ which they commit to in the best interests of their child/children. A Parent Working Agreement is a document which both parents agree to abide by, and can be filed alongside a Court Order. The document spells out in detail how the parents agree to work together in the best interest of the child and will cover practical aspects of parenting apart such as residency, overnight stays, holidays, hand over arrangements and can include timings and flexibility.
I am proud to be able to inform you that the Parenting Apart Programme has been awarded the nationally recognised CanParent Quality Mark from Family Lives in December 2016 following a rigorous assessment process.This award sets us apart from other organisations, giving assurance and confidence to parents and professionals that the programme has been independently assessed for content, delivery and more importantly impact.

My Advice

When significant change happens the first thing that we can lose is the confidence and ability to communicate in a respectful manner. How we talk and how we explain how we feel is crucial to the acknowledgement of our children. I always ask parents to think before they speak in order to support the emotional wellbeing of their children.
Parents have the responsibility and children have the right to a relationship with both parents. By offering the two main ingredients within the process, continuity and consistency, change can take place. However hard it is or feels, get some real hands on help and support. Hence why I have implemented a process called the Parenting Apart Programme that hand holds, empathises and understands both sides but most importantly is impartial.



What Others Have To Say About Claire

“Going through any process such as this is not easy, but it has to be done if you love your kids, and the whole team have simply made it happen in such a way that I feel in very, very safe hands. The Parenting Apart Programme is not there to judge you, embarrass you or take sides. The Consultants are totally unshockable and unmoving from what is the right thing to do. The Programme is my rock, and I can never thank Claire or the team behind her enough.
The Programme can’t work miracles for you, but it can show you how you can make your own miracles happen if you are prepared to work at it and follow the advice to the letter. I would recommend Claire and the Parenting Apart Programme and her team to anybody who is serious about getting things back on track, and serious about doing the right thing for their kids.” – Father


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