Should we be more choosey about wine?

Beverly Louw is an independent distributor with Cellars Direct and here shares some thoughts on why we should be more choosey about our wine.

Ancient to present time, wine never goes out of fashion. It is a constant – always has been and always will be!

Wine consumption and appreciation has rocketed in recent years, but still many of us are content to reach for something familiar and budget priced as part of our supermarket shop. Are we missing a trick?

Wines are traditionally divided into Old and New World styles, depending on origin.

Old World wines are more intricate and earthy to taste, giving you aromas and flavours of the earth: tobacco, spice, tar, leather, wet leaves, forest floor. These wines are often more enjoyable with food.

New World wines are comparatively fresher and fruitier to taste, offering aromas and flavours of fruit right up front: cherry, blackberry, plum for the reds, and citrus, peach, pear and tropical fruits for the whites.

Wine Tastings

Tasting wine is a lot like eating a cheeseburger

Bite into that burger. There are flavours of grilled meat, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup and cheese. Plus all the different textures of the meat and vegetables, enhanced by the creamy texture of the cheese. Mixed together in your mouth you get one overall taste. If you pay attention to what’s happening on your palate, you can pick apart the individual flavours of all the ingredients.

Tasting wine is also a lot like listening to an orchestra

When you go to a concert, you hear the overall impact of the music. But look at all those people…they’re all playing different notes on different instruments, yet somehow it all comes together into melodies and harmonies…and a great deal of pleasure.

Grapes, like all foods, have flavour profiles – that simply means they contain a combination of flavours that can be put into several different categories.

For wine grapes, those categories are…fruit, floral, spice, vegetal, oak and oil.

How do you choose your wine?

Price, the look of the label, country of origin, shape of the bottle or the name?

Cheaper wines are generally mass produced, filled with chemicals and preservatives with the wine content being the smallest percentage.

Premium wines come at a premium price and are produced in smaller quantities at boutique wineries around the world. These wines have a higher alcohol content, are true to the grape, have reduced chemicals and artificial flavouring. As a result of the purity it has a longer shelf life

Direct Cellars – What are we about?

Direct Cellars is a wine tasting club offering the opportunity to experience hand selected fine wines from all around the world which you won’t find anywhere else at great prices delivered right to your door

As a network marketing company, we will reward you for sharing our club and enjoying our wines with your friends and family.

Wine is better when shared and better still when those you’re sharing it with can contribute to your success…and achieve success as well.