Single on Valentine’s Day? It’s a day for you as well

Single on Valentine’s Day? You may just want to give the whole thing a wide berth this year. Thoughts of romance may be far from your mind if you’re recently out of a relationship or find the whole ‘day for love’ a little too sickly sweet.

While the Valentine’s Day industry may be focussed on a very narrow definition of love – one that involves two people in a relationship – it’s also a day to celebrate all the special people in our lives. Number one being…you.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for loved up couples wanting to share a candlelit dinner for two. If your first reaction to the thought of Valentine’s Day is to roll your eyes and look forward to February 15, maybe try one of the below instead.

Show yourself some love

1. The 14th is a day when you should show yourself some love. Whether you’re single by choice or circumstance take this opportunity to spend a little time being kind to yourself. Why should those in relationships have all the fun?

The upside of being single is the freedom and independence it allows. Focus on what makes YOU happy. If you’d consider splashing out on a fancy meal out or expensive gifts for a partner, then why not indulge the one constant in your life? You.

Have a day off from the routine. Eat your favourite food, indulge your love of movies, enjoy a guilt-free shopping spree.

2. Or why not spread your wings a little. Make this the day you’ll try something new or different – join a dance class, pamper yourself or, as it’s the start of the weekend, book yourself a couple of days away. Hang the budget, you’re worth it.

3. Celebrate the other loving relationships in your life. Family, friends, the pooch. Just because Valentine’s Day is focussed on couples doesn’t make that the only kind of love. Choose to spend some time with the important people in your life; parents, siblings or friends who also haven’t been swallowed up in Valentine’s flowers and romance.

Single on Valentine's Day

4. Round up all your single friends for a party. They may well be just as grateful to escape all the loved-up couples as you are. Get together with all your favourite singletons – and throw the best Valentine’s bash.

Do something for someone else

5. There’s no truer saying than ‘when you feel bad, make someone else feel better’. It can be something structured like a spot of volunteering, or simply helping out a friend. Show others you care by helping them and you’ll be helping yourself at the same time.

6. If you’d prefer to be alone then there’s no law that says you must be with others. If your idea of a heavenly evening is to curl up with a Netflix boxset and some comfort food, then do it. However, if you’re likely to get annoyed or upset with all the loved-up posts coming out of social media, then give it a miss for the day.

Nothing good ever came from comparing our lives to the highlights package that other people display on Facebook and the like. Switch it off, it may even be the start of weaning yourself off your smartphone addiction.

7. If the day is a struggle, then it’s time to work on your mindset. No one should be defined by whether they are in a relationship with another person. There are millions of single people across the world, just because you’re not currently in a relationship with that one special person does not make you a failure. Keep it all in perspective and don’t beat yourself up.

Rather than regretting what you feel may be missing from your life, how about focussing on what you do have instead? If it helps, make a list of everything and everyone you have to be grateful for. If lists aren’t your thing, then just take a few moments to take stock and remember all the reasons to be grateful – be that family, friends, pets, your career, interests, holidays or anything else that reminds us that it’s not always necessary to be in a special relationship.

It’s only 24 hours

And if none of the above appeals. Then just remember, February 14 is only 24 hours, the same length as any other day.

Take the attitude that it’s a day that’s cheesy and annoying and as overhyped as New Year’s Eve, dreamed up by marketing people to sell us more cards and flowers. Soon enough the world will return to normal.

Do you have your own way of looking at Valentine’s Day? What are your plans? Let us know.

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