Happy birthday to Merrick Life!

Can it be 12 months since our first newsletter was sent out?

How the time has flown. Over the last year we’ve featured dozens of articles on everything from flying solo on holiday to family law advice for TV’s Dr Foster! From parenting tips to the latest on legal developments with national family law experts.

An anniversary is always a good time to reflect on what’s been achieved and what’s still an ambition.

Looking back, we’re proud that we’ve done what we set out to do and stuck to our philosophy that sometimes you need #morethanfamilylaw. We created this space to share ideas, inspirations, stories, advice and support on the many real-life events and issues that can arise for those going through relationship breakdown.

And sometimes we just like to shout about some of the great events, foods and experiences that surround us.

We’re grateful to our fabulous contributors who have generously given of their time and expertise to help make the newsletter happen.

Merrick Life

What next?

We’d really like to get this newsletter to as wide a section of people as possible. It’s always heartening to see the stats on which articles have been read most or liked on social media.

If we could ask for one thing, it would be for those who read and enjoy the newsletter each month to help us share what’s in it. Could you email it to a friend or colleague or share it on Facebook or Twitter? Could you retweet or post an article you enjoyed or found helpful? Sharing is caring….so the saying goes!

And we’d also like to hear from you about how you think the newsletter should evolve. What would make it more useful, interesting or valuable? We’d love to get your thoughts via social media or email at info@merrick-solicitors.com

Here’s a reminder of some of our favourite and best-read articles from the last 12 months of Merrick Life…and here’s to the next 12!

Claire Field, the author of the Parenting Apart Programme, on thinking before you speak, particularly when children are involved.

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. Some help to get active.

In recognition of an uplifting International Women’s Day 2018.

The inspirational Kibbles and friends, helping courageous Manchester bomb survivor Martin Hibbert.

Great healthy eating advice from the author of Prevent Breast Cancer’s 2-Day Diet.

Businesses don’t have to be the bad guys, just ask Kim Kardashian.

Right, we’re off for a glass of celebratory bubbles.

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