This February 14th, how about Palentine’s Day?

Palentine’s Day, anyone?

Forgive the word play but this February 14 we are choosing to spread the love amongst friends.

When you get down to the bare bones of V Day, its principal component is love. Love is not solely aimed at a romantic interest. In the ancient Greek language there are at least seven different words for love and only two, ‘Eros’ and ‘Ludus’, might be considered romantic.

The other equally important five are:

Philia              Deep friendship

Agape            Love for everyone

Storge            Love for family

Pragma          Enduring love

Philautia        Love of the self

Love for all the people who mean something to you and whose support keeps you going. Love for the people you look forward to spending time with. Love for the people in your life that you think of talking to about that funny thing you saw on the internet the other day. Acts of love take all sorts of different forms and this V Day we are saying – celebrate it and show them how much you care.

Finland’s got it right

Finland and Estonia are on the right track. If you take a leaf out of their book you’ll be spending the day with your best and oldest friends. Some of their most popular activities are to go out to brunch and play sports together like bowling or sledding. Given the lack of snow in most of the UK this weekend, sledding may be out, but group activities are always a fun idea.

One favourite activity of the Merrick team we highly recommend as a group activity is a walk with a phenomenal backdrop. For that reason, we’ve selected a few of our favourite North West hill walks that you might like to try.

Mam Tor, Edale

Situated by the towns of Edale and Castleton, Mam Tor boasts spectacular views of Hope Valley (as well as the strongest winds you’ve ever encountered atop its exposed summit). To congratulate yourself on your climb, treat yourself to a well-earned drink (alcoholic or not) down in Edale at either the Old Nags Head or the Rambler Inn.

Sunrise over Mam Tor in the Peak District

Sunrise over Mam Tor in the Peak District


The Cloud, Congleton

The Cloud is a popular spot for locals to sit and take in the grand expanse of the Cheshire Plains. This walk is a good choice for those with little legs and those not wanting a grand hike. To get to the top, you’ll climb 136 steps from the Timbersbrook car park. Take care to pick a clear day for the best views.

Shutlingsloe, Macclesfield

This hill sits close to Macclesfield forest and again boasts wonderful views of the Cheshire countryside, and on a particularly clear day, the Snowdon Massif. For those in need of refreshment, the nearby Leather Smithy makes for a great watering hole.

Self love

But don’t feel the pressure of doing something with others if it’s not something you want to do. Self love, ‘Philautia’, is the foundation of all love and never to be overlooked.

On  February 14th if you wanted to stick with national celebrations why not indulge in wine and chocolate alongside the people of Bulgaria for ‘Winemakers Day’ and the people of Ghana for ‘National Chocolate Day’. Or do your own thing and focus on you.

The best thing to ever do at this point is to do what you love most.

If none of these ideas seem quite what you’re looking for, check out previous posts on Merrick Life for further inspiration.

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