Month: May 2017


We have all probably read or heard about some celebrity being afforded the luxury of getting divorced quicker than us mere mortals. January has been has been no exception with reports that Gary and Danielle Lineker, Zodiac from Gladiators (for those who remember the 90s TV programme) and Big Brothers Nasty Nick Bateman were all granted a Decree Nisi.
But do ‘Quickie Divorces’ actually exist?
The simple answer is no. Everyone who applies for a divorce is subject to the same procedure. The length of time that procedure takes often depends on how quickly it takes to complete the documentation and how quickly the court deals with the paperwork.
Reference is often made to a marriage ending at the Decree Nisi hearing. This is a hearing where a Judge in open court will read a list of names of the parties who are getting divorced. That hearing is over very quickly but the marriage remains in existence. The press seem to think that as this hearing is over quickly there has been a quickie divorce.
It is only when Decree Absolute is pronounced that the marriage ends and that cannot be applied for until at least 6 weeks after the Decree Nisi. It is possible in certain circumstances to reduce the 6 week period if for example one of the parties may be getting remarried before the earliest date the Decree Absolute can be applied for.
Finalising a divorce is important if there are finance to resolve as the Decree Absolute needs to be granted for orders to take effect – don’t be fooled by the press into thinking the divorce process is over at the Decree Nisi stage.
Don’t believe everything you read in the press and always seek legal advice if you are unsure!
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