Month: December 2017


Merrick is rolling out a Cumbria ‘home delivery’ service for people needing expert legal help.
Amanda Merrick and her team are looking to break the mould in taking their services on the road to meet potential clients at venues and times that suit them.The service is called #LawtoDoor and it is in Cumbria this Friday (Dec 8).
Amanda has been a Manchester-based family lawyer for 28 years and has successfully developed #LawtoDoor to further extend her work in London. Cumbria is the second area to be chosen for the service.
Amanda, who has strong family connections in the Lake District, said it was vital those in rural areas had good access to the range of skills and experience that were often needed in times of intense stress, such as divorce and family breakdowns.
She said: “I have a long-held passion for the law and firmly believe in access to justice.
“Cumbria is a part of the world that is very close to my heart and I understand that while it’s the isolation and rural beauty that makes it unique, that can also cause problems for people when they need services that are often only found in our bigger cities.
“#LawtoDoor is my way of trying to make those services more accessible. No longer do we sit expecting you to come to us.  Thanks to a membership of the Institute of Directors we now have use of meeting rooms nationwide; we can meet with you at home instead if you prefer, or at work, if space and the boss allow.
“I’m also partial to a cuppa if you want to meet first on a more informal basis.”
Anyone in need of Merrick’s professional help should get in touch for an appointment on 0161 838 5410 or email
Amanda has extensive experience in cases of high net worth but she hasn’t lost her long-held passion for the law and access to justice ensuring that MERRICK remains committed aswell to #lawforgood.  The firm has, therefore, recently developed its own AccessUs scheme, which aims to ensure good quality legal representation is also available at an affordable level.
Amanda, who developed a love of the Lakes through her father, Tony, a former long-term licensee at the Queen’s Head Hotel in Hawkshead, said: “There are lots of people who can’t get advice because they can’t afford it.
“We are, therefore, rolling out AccessUs, a case-managed service intended to enable access to justice and every member of the Merrick team is tasked with dedicating a certain percentage of their time to it.”
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